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Building Black and Jewish Beloved Community
Byrd Barr Place, c/o Meredith Sibley
722 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Being part of the Jewish/Black Clergy Bible Study has been spiritually and intellectually rewarding for me. The (selected text and) opportunity to be paired together and study the bible from two rich faith traditions is simply awesome. The theological interpretations shared have been fascinating and extremely relevant when reflecting upon social issues of our time. Two historic marginalize groups finding common ground with the hope of individual and community spiritual transformation to help shape a better world is what I had hoped when joining this group. Together we are learning and continue to develop our respective hermeneutics with the collaboration of rabbi and theological scholars in this space. Onward… striving to uplift the beloved community!
Cynthia Bynum
Black-Jewish Bible Study has been especially enlightening. It’s a space where individuals from the Black community and from the Jewish community come together to discuss text, and bring text into context regarding present day issues and events. I’ve learned so much from this crew and look forward to continued growth together.
Ashira Solomon