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The Bible is such a central text for both Jews and for the African American Christian community that I have found that when we study it together it brings out the deepest passions, yearnings, dreams and concerns that have been embedded in our communities for hundreds – or even thousands – of years. Black Jewish Bible study solidifies our shared heritage, our shared struggles, and helps pave a way forward filled with hope and empathy for one another.
Rabbi Asher Lopatin
I have found great joy in the Blacks and Jews Building Beloved Community project through participation in discussion groups and Bible studies. Two years ago I participated in the first Bible study, which transitioned to a "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" program. The new program was designed to help build relationships between Black and Jewish communities over the long term and the person I was paired with has become a dear friend. We have met consistently once a week for the past two year and the experience has been transformational in my learning more about the Jewish culture and her learning more about the Black culture. We have supported each other through the various traumatic experiences of racism and antisemitism over the past few years. We have also celebrated with each other through joyful life transitions and accomplishments of aspirational goals. Through my service on the advisory board, I have the opportunity to share my vision on how we can create more experiences for Blacks and Jews to Build Beloved Community.
Dr. Angela Griffin